Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween is almost here!

As I sit watching the History Channel tell me all about the origin of Halloween it dawned on me that I have not written in a few days. By the way fascinating.

I should let you know that the fashion show last Thursday went well. Would have liked to have seen more people there. The crowd was thinner than planned. And the thing that you really missed was that the drag queen we had lined up to be the MC was ill and guess who took over as MC?  Yes my friends, ME! I was the MC for this super crazy fashion show. It was pretty fun. But I am glad one of my obligations is done!

Now onto the next volunteer task. I am co-chairing the Halloween festival (The Octo-Boo! Festival) at M's school. It is actually going really well. Since I had pretty much cleared my schedule for the week I have been having a pretty stress free week. And I managed to get all of our costumes finished yesterday.

This past weekend M did some serious testing of her costume. She had been telling me for weeks that she wants to be a red cat. So that is what I made. A red kitty cat suit.

I admit that this is a semi-homemade costume. I took a red jogging suit and added ears and lots of fuzz. I also made a little red tu-tu and attached the tail to the skirt.

She decided that flip flops were the proper foot wear to complete the ensemble. She also decided that it was the perfect outfit to wear to the park. Even though it was about 80 degrees on Saturday. While we were there she worked her cute magic and got us an invite to a birthday party that was being held in the pavilion at the park.

  Seriously she is so cute it is killing me. So as I may have mentioned before I am being her witch and daddy is being her dinosaur.

On Sunday she told me she wanted to test out the make-up to go with the costume to make sure that I could do it right. Apparently my make-up skills where up to her standards. 

Here is a little preview of my costume. Marion wanted me to be her witch. So I decided my spin on it is that I am a medium witch, not all bad but not all good either. The dress is all handmade by me. But I did buy a plain witch hat and embellish it. 

And here is a little tid bit of what the AWESOME dino is looking like. This one is also a fix up on a jogging suit and it semi-homemade. I plan on posting more about how I made the dino and my costume after we get to wear them this weekend.

I am really looking forward to the festival, we are going to a friend's party Saturday night and of course we are  Trick-or-Treating with the neighbors on Sunday. Did I mention I LOVE Halloween?

One thing I learned recently is that if you child ever says "I am going to paint my whole body purple", that you should listen. Because she might just be serious. 

I mean really she might be serious. 
I asked her to show me her paint and she stood still for about 5 seconds for me to take this picture.  Three bath tubs full of water later she was only slightly tinged with purple. But there is still a bit of a purple ring around her tub. 
And yes I did "let" her do this. I actually sort of wanted to join in. But I decided I needed to mitigate the damage rather than make it worse. Amazingly there are only a few spots of purple paint through out the house. I hope that they will come off the walls with just a little effort. 

Are you ready for Halloween? What are you going to be?

Peace out - C

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