Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween was AWESOME!

This has been a crazy couple of weeks. But now it is over and things are going to slow down for us a little, I hope.

The Octo-Boo! festival at Marion's school was fantastic. All the kids and parents had fun and we raised a lot of money for the school. The parents who helped out where great.

Then last night we went to a friend's birthday party and had fun playing Rock Band and M got to jump tons in a bounce house.

Then today was the big day. HALLOWEEN. Sadly I spent much of the day feeling exhausted and resting. Eric is a trooper and spent much of the day with M and I managed to rally and be able to join the neighborhood kids for some serious trick-or-treating.

In fact my darling daughter had so much fun that this is the conversation that we had at the end of the night:

Marion: "My tummy hurts!"
Me: "I'm sorry baby, do you need to burp?"
Marion: "Yes" then she burped and barfed.
Me: "Are you done barfing?"
Marion: "Yes, I am done barfing, night night Mama"
Me: "Night night baby, glad you feel better"

Well it went something like that any way. Apparently she just can't hold her candy and needs to learn moderation. It was pretty funny.

Now for some details about my super fun witch dress. It was really comfortable and did not feel like a costume. Probably because it is just a regular dress pattern that I used.

McCalls M5619

I used view C which is the yellow dress pictured. I made a few small changes but mostly for fit. As usual I made the shoulders several inches smaller but had to make the arm bands bigger.

I cannot decide if I would like this dress as a regular dress on me? Anyone have any opinion? Should I make another one in a more everyday fabric? I am not sure how it would work out.

Plus I really want to make myself a little black dress, but I am not sure what style to make. I even thought about making a bunch of little black dresses in a bunch of different styles as an experiment.

But once again I have more ideas than time so this one will have to wait for a little while any way.

Here is another shot of me in my Halloween costume, I did love wearing it.

I can't hear you my pretties!

Eric really loved his Daddy Dinosaur costume too. The tail ended up being a little cumbersome when indoors.  But it was great for trick-or-treating. A few people asked if he was a dragon. The "spikes" are made of felt and stuffed with good old fiber fluff. The dino teeth are just some sew in interfacing cut into teeth and sew into the inside of the sweat shirt hood. I added claws to the sleeves and little feet to the legs of the jogging pants. Embellishing a store bought jogging suit is sort of cheating but it was a super original costume and he loved wearing it. Plus he looked really cute. Marion would meow and would growl back at her. A good time was had by all.

Tomorrow I have to start on my stuff for my festival booth. Tons and tons to do. So I hope that I wake up full of motivation.

Hope you had a great Halloween too. I would love to see some pictures of your costumes.

Peace Out - C

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