Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The blues have hit our house . . . . .

Just a little note. For some reason my motivation is low. And all I want to do is sit around and be lazy watching bad movies on TV. My hubby is feeling a little overwhelmed by work. Even darling little M seemed to be in a bit of a funk today.

Maybe we are all just coming down off our sugar highs. I think this is how most people feel a day or two after Christmas. Maybe we are having post Halloween blues.

I think part of it may be anticipation of "The Holidays". They always tend to give me the blues.

I finally got up some motivation and my iron started leaking brown water again. And since this was an inherited iron I finally decided to buy myself a new iron. I got on good old Amazon and ordered myself the top of the line Rowenta. I hope the new Rowenta will give me my motivation back and get me getting more work done. I will keep you posted.

Peace out - C

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