Thursday, November 18, 2010

I get to re-decorate my sewing room!

Last weekend we went to Chattanooga. We met my in-laws there and spent the weekend in this amazing house downtown. Saturday was a PERFECT day, so we spent the day outside up on Look-Out Mountain.

There is a lovely view up there and the trees looked great this time of year.

After taking the weekend off and most of Monday. I had to get mt rear in gear this week. I finished up all the aprons I had cut. So today I have been finishing up the napkins that I am making for the Decatur Holiday Market.

I know in my last post I told you I was going to show you the full toast apron. However I sold it before I even made it. Which is super awesome. But I don't have a picture of it because I have a little time on the due date so it has been back burner-ed while I get ready for the market.

I am trying to get into the holiday spirit. Normally I am not a huge fan of Christmasy stuff. But I really liked this low key holiday print.

And it has been like a one woman sweat shop at my house. But at least I am making progress and starting to feel like I might actually have enough stuff for my booth not to look sad. I am beginning to think I may be approaching awesome, but time will tell. 

The napkins are super simple. They are just super cool fabrics serged with a rolled hem. We use cloth napkins around my house everyday. They are not only fantastically cute, the are friendly to the environment. Yes you do need to wash them, but we just throw them in the wash with the kitchen towels that we are washing any way.

If you have a serger and you have not yet figured out how to do the rolled hem, let me know. I can give you some pointers. But once you get the settings right it is super simple and looks great. It is a really handy way to do some stash busting and save the planet just a little.

My sewing room is still a bit of a mess. Right now there is a guy outside rebuilding the brick on the front of my house. Hopefully it will be all fixed and finally look great.

On the up side this means that I now have to re-do the walls on the inside and re-paint. So I get to totally re-decorate my sewing room. Ok so it needs to be hubby's "office" too, but hey I am going to leave his desk in there.

And suggestions what color I should paint?

Peace Out - C

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