Saturday, December 18, 2010

Does anything ever go as planned?

We were supposed to have guests all weekend. Hubby's best friend from high school lives in Germany with his wife and daughter. They were planning to be here Friday through Monday. But due to weather they missed their flight out of Zurich and through the wisdom of Delta (!?!?) and weird security they have not been able to get another flight to see us. They were going to go from here to Chicago to see family. But Delta now says they cannot lay over in Atlanta and is making them go straight on to Chicago. Of course this is the year we decided to stay south for the winter and are not going to Chicago to see our family. Major Bummer.......

On the sewing front, Eric asked me to make him a shirt for Christmas. I have made him several short sleeve shirts but have never made him a long sleeve shirt. So I am going to give it a try. I am using McCall's M6044. I am hoping it turns out well. It is similar to the short sleeve pattern I use for him however, I did have to make the sleeves each a full 2 inches longer than the pattern. No wonder store bought clothes rarely fit him right. I buy him a large tall and for this I cut a medium and lengthened the sleeves. I hope it works out right. The fabric is cotton and it the phases of the moon. I was the most scientific fabric I could find. Poor guy he picked it out back in August and I still have not made the shirt.

The bigger problem is that this is how far I have gotten.....

Yes you are right this is a rather sad pile of cut out pieces. Because of holiday plans tonight and tomorrow night are about all the time I have left to have any chance of finishing this before Christmas. I guess there is a chance it will happen. Anyone know any elves who work cheap?

I am looking forward to my January sewing plans. I plan to sew only for myself all month long. Not for my family, not for friends, for myself. I need some new clothes! And I may have an excuse to make a fancy party dress for an event on Jan. 31st. I LOVE fancy party dresses and have been looking for a reason to make a wintery one for a long long time. So dreaming about all the fun things I want to make for myself has distracted me from finishing this shirt for my hubby. But don't worry I bought him some back up gifts just for this very reason. And he will get his shirt soon enough.

Have a great weekend!
Peace Out - C

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