Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I need to decide!

Today I am still feeling sick and moving slower than I would like. But I did manage to get the sewing room cleaned up enough to do some sewing today. While I was cleaning up I found a little pile of clothes my cousin left for me to do repairs. I did the repairs just so I could say that I actually accomplished something today. But I also did some more work on Eric's shirt, the one that I did not finish in time to give to him for Christmas. I got a fair bit done but now all that is left is the hard parts, the cuffs, collar and placket.

I have also been doing some planning of projects for myself. I think I have mentioned before that I have a fancy party to go to on January 31st. I decided it will still be winter so I ordered myself some lovely black velveteen. I went with cotton velveteen rather than traditional silk velvet, because cotton velveteen is "washable".  I know it still can be tricky to wash but I think it will work better for me. And hey it is cheaper as well.

Now what style of dress am I going to make? Well the occasion is dressy but not formal and I want it to be something I can wear again say on Valentine's day. Or on some other nice date night (hint, hint) with my handsome hubby.

Here are the options I am considering while my fabric on its way here.

Option 1
Vogue Vintage V2787

I bought this pattern last year and have been waiting for the right occasion and the right fabric to make it. I like it because it is retro and amazing without being costume-y.

I have seen people over do the retro and look like they are wearing a costume, all the time. Not what I am going for here. And since it is from the 40s and not the more popular 50s most people will not be able to place it so squarely in an era.

According to the figure flattery chart on the envelope it works on both triangles and hourglass, which I am somewhere between the two right now so it should be flattering.

Option 2
Simplicity 2591
To see the pattern check out the link apparently Simplicity does not want their pictures copied from their website. I have made view D before. But I think if I use this pattern with the black velveteen I will go with view C, I like the litte cap sleeve.

Here s a picture of me wearing my summer version of this dress. The side panels and pockets come together very nicely to make a very slimming effect. And the pockets are super handy.

I did have to make some major adjustments to this dress to get it to fit me. But I did it before I could do it again if I decide to go this route.

My one concern is that using a solid color might make this dress style less special. I chose solid black because it is classic and elegant. But I still want it to be somewhat interesting as well.
I have been wanting a new little black dress for a while and I know I am limiting the wearability of it by my fabric choice. But I am still feeling wintery and I love velvet.

Option 3
McCalls 5619

This is another one that I have made before. But since it was a Halloween costume and a little silly I am wondering if I would like it as a more serious dress.

The sleeves are a little on the puffy side. I have to say it was very very comfortable and that is really the main attraction of this dress.

I think that 2 of the 3 patterns I am considering are dresses I have made before because I have never worked with velveteen and I am a little nervous. What if I screw it up? I guess I will have to keep in the back of my mind the fact that I can always run to the mall and get a dress in a pinch.

But I really hope it works out to make my own dress. I have been wanting to make a dress for a while. I always have these silly fears before I start a project. I think that I am only more nervous than usual because there is a deadline and it is a sort of short one.

On the right are the pictures from the envelope of the dress pictured above. Just imagine the yellow one in solid black. It might turn out truly lovely. And this dress by far would be the easiest. But easiest is not always best.

I guess I will just do what I always do when planning a project. I will make this dress in my head about 15 times before I get started on it in real life. I actually have a 4th option in mind as well. But it is a pattern from an old Burda Style magazine and I am too lazy to scan it in to show you. But it would be super easy too. Raglan sleeve and elastic waist. But I would totally make a belt to cover the elastic waist. I cannot concede to being an old lady completely.

Anyone have any thoughts on these dress style options? Or suggestions for a pattern that I may not have considered? I was trying to use what I have and not by another pattern, but .... if something speaks to me.

Hope you are having a great 2011 so far.

Peace Out!

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