Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It looks like my sewing room went on a bender.

Have you heard the saying "cluttered house, cluttered mind"?

Well it is true! My mind is totally cluttered with project ideas and life in general. And my sewing room is a disaster right now. 

Right now I am supposed to be cleaning the house. I have to get the "public" areas clean for tonight because some of the moms from M's preschool class are coming over to be "crafty". Basically one of the other moms is going to teach people how to knit and I am going to crochet since I already know how.

AND my in-laws are coming this weekend so I have to actually get the whole house clean. I hate cleaning which is why I am writing this rather than working.

Now why is my sewing room such a mess? Well that is a good question. Part of it is that I am procrastinating!

I am procrastinating on deciding how to "fix up" my sewing room. Read here about the damage and drama. The walls are back in. But I have not made any further progress on this.

Here are some of the main things I need to decide:
1. Do I replace the flooring? And if I do, with what? I am sort of leaning towards wood floors. But it is already COLD in this room would that make it worse? But I don't want carpet, it will be covered in thread all the time!

2. What color should I paint it? I have to re-paint the entire room. And I might as well do the bathroom in here while I am at it. Do I Paint myself or hire someone?

3. I am supposed to be sharing this space with my husband, and I told him I would get him a desk area and get his computer set back up. So I need to get him to help me pick out a desk for him and increase our storage space.

4. Deal with all the crap in this filing cabinet. Needs to be cleaned out and we want a "permanent" files in the garage and a "daily use" files in the office.

See I could go on and on. So "fixing up" my sewing room sounds all well and good until I get into actually doing it. And being without my machines and my space just does not sound like fun.

But I HAVE to pick a date. I have to bite the bullet and do it. So here is my official fix up starting date: WEDNESDAY FEB. 16, 2011. This is the day I will call floor people and pick out paint colors. Then move on from there.

Why so far out. Well basically it is after Valentine's Day and that is my next hard deadline for getting gifts done. I figure after that I will be able to focus on the fix up project. Maybe?

Anyone out there fixed up their sewing room? Have any advice?

Peace Out - C

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