Monday, February 21, 2011

I am not sure quilting is my thing.

I spent the weekend with a poor sickly little girl, I did not get to enjoy the 70 degree weather at all, bummer. I will spare you the details, but she has school off today and we are still going to take it easy.

While she was sitting around being pitiful and watching the same episodes of her favorite shows over, and over, and over again, I did manage to get some sewing work done. I was excited to try out my new Megamat! It is a giant cutting mat that covers my entire sewing table! And I have to say it totally rocks! When I started back sewing a couple of years ago I was hesitant to invest in good supplies because I was just not sure I needed them. And while I did sew without them and do not "need" them, I have to admit that I love all the new tools I have bought recently and they have made my sewing life easier and more enjoyable.

I took this picture when the mat was fresh out of the box on Friday night, the ends have since laid down it was shipped rolled up.

Since my new big cutting mat got here I decided it was time to get some more work done on the baby quilt that I am working on. The mat was really helpful in me being able to do some cutting with the rotary cutter. I previously had a 24 inch mat and would have to scoot it down the fabric to do longer cuts and I usually ended up using scissors which is fine for the stuff I usually make but was a bear for trying to get into the exacting art of quilting.

So some of my efforts where successful and I did end up with some nearly perfect sections of the quilt top.

While other sections are not so nearly perfect.

But over all it looks pretty decent for my first real attempt at making a quilt.

I have moved on to some "easier" projects while I sort of marinate on how I am going to back it. I have a plan I just like to let these things stew and practice in my head before I actually attempt them. I have made the binding already and having a new longer ruler was super helpful in this effort.

This is my previous mat. Not as cool as the new MEGAMAT! And the big white handle is my new ruler handle which is super awesome as well.

So far the baby quilt has been fun as well as frustrating. However I think that this will be my last quilt for a while. Maybe I need to take a class or something. But quilting is hard work.

I like my sewing to be easy. And I know my idea of easy is well, not that easy. But you have to actually think about quilting. It is even more planning and cutting than making clothes. It is something new that I need to re-train my brain to be able to think about. And I am just not really feeling that right now. I have a new found respect for my mother in law and all the other great quilters out there who have come before me.

Lately I have been making tons of stuff for other people. With this nice weather I have spring dresses and flowy tops on my mind.  I feel s spurt of selfishly sewing for my self coming on!

Hope your week starts of great.

Peace Out - C

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