Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Me Made March!

I, Chrissy Weeks sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March '11. 

I endeavor to wear an item that has been somehow stitched by me each day for the duration of March 2011, this includes but is not limited to: self made garments, accessories, re-made items & embellished items. 

I have taken the pledge! You can too, my (online) pal Zoe over at 'So, Zo....What do you know?" has issued another challenge, Me Made March. I was way behind on my on-line blog reading and did some catching up and just found out about MMM. And I did adapt the pledge a little to fit my situation. Fortunately I have been planning my spring-summer-fall wardrobe for quite some time. 

Above are the fabrics I have gathered so far. I have one more TO DIE FOR!!! fabric coming in the mail soon I hope. It is a fabric I have had in the back of my mind for about a year and have not been able to find anywhere.

So? What do I have planned?

Dresses - 6
Skirts - 3 (may end up more) 
  - white - 2 (or 3) 
  - Peasant - 2 - finally cut some of my Liberty of London fabric ;)
  - pink at least 1 maybe 2
Shorts (knee length!)  1 (maybe 2) 

Ok so it is not a totally solid plan but it will get there. Living in Atlanta I really only have 2 wardrobe categories 1. Winter and 2. Spring-Summer-Fall. 

Most of my clothes can be worn about 8 months of the year. So I have plenty of time to get these items made while the weather is still warm. And even though it is sunny and 65 today I am sure we will have at least one more cold snap and we will see people running around in dresses and flip flops with winter coats over. Because as much as we all complain about the heat we really are more of a summer people. Clearly the Spring-Summer-Fall dress is my much preferred clothing item. 

Since my last post I have made a couple of super simple items for myself. Just to get the ball rolling. 

This is a simple black knit skirt. It has a fold-over waist band like a pair of yoga pants. And I made it entirely on the serger. 

And this fine fellow was added to a pull-over I bought on clearance. He will be my main item of attire for Spring Break this year. And hopefully he and his little drinkie-poo will help me set the tone for the vacation. But he counts as an embellishment and that is why I added that to my pledge. 

Now seriously I have got to go and get sewing! 

Peace Out - C

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