Friday, February 25, 2011

Sewing Buddy!

I am excited by the fact that I have a new sewing buddy. Her name is Pearl Young and she has ased me to help her learn how to sew.

Originally we were going to just exchange crafts. She made a lovely Christmas stocking for my daughter and I agreed to make her a skirt. Her skirt is almost done. Why is it taking me so long? Well I am not sure, it is just making me crazy. It is reversible and I managed to rip one side of it. And well lets just say I will finish it eventually. In the mean time Pearl asked me if I would help her make the Crepe dress from Colette Patterns. And I decided that she and I should do it together as sort of a mini sew-a-long.

So Pearl bought the pattern and we are going to share it. We are cutting drastically different sizes so we needed to trace out the pattern. Which I almost never do. Basically because I am lazy and want to get a move on to the fun parts. But it was necessary this time.

On Wednesday we went on a fabric buying field trip. And I should tell you that while Pearl and I are friends and have some things in common we are vastly different in many ways. She is much more demure than I. As you know I trend towards all that is bold and loud and well just sort of crazy.

I think I influenced Pearl a little and she ended up with some very lovely fabric that I think will make her a very classic and wearable dress. It will be appropriate for all most any occasion. 

The main part of her dress with be this nice pinkish red linen blend, and the floral will be the contrasting sash. The red fabric was a steal at $3.00 a yard! And the floral was $9.00 not too bad. Also fortunate for her she needs a lot less fabric than I do.

Me being me I went with a slightly bolder fabric choice. But it is still very pretty.

I am in love with navy these days and the body of my dress will be this lovely midnight floral silk with a chartreuse sash for contract.  It probably goes without saying that the supplies for my dress came in at well over twice as much as Pearl's. But I needed 2 yards more, it is silk and I do love it.

We got the first step, the tracing, under way. This is pearl tracing her pattern. Ages ago my Mother-in-law gave me a box of tracing paper and we managed to use up the last of it on Pearl's pattern pieces. We needed more but I was way too lazy to go out on a hunt for good tracing paper so I went and bought the cheapest white fabric I could find and at $1.49 a yard I got my pattern all traced out as well. So now I have plenty of tracing fabric.

We have plans to meet again next week and start cutting!

Hope you have a great weekend everyone!

Peace-Out - C


  1. Hey, just hopped over to your blog from Pearl's. I've seen the finished dress (well, Pearl's version), and it's really nice-looking! I'm sure yours is great as well--I love your fabric choices!

    1. Thanks! I really loved that fabric. Here is the link to my finished dress