Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Got to spend the day with my sweet daughter.

Yesterday morning I was trying to get my daughter to go to pre-school. She refused and told me that she wanted to stay home and spend the day with me, "working". So I let her stay home and we spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, running errands and other chores. I tried to make the day as un-fun as possible.

I know, I know, how do I get talked into her not going to school? Well she is only 3 and was really sweet. Once again I was knocked off my parental high-horse, it is hard to make kids do things they do not want to do. But I would have tried harder if I had needed to.

I was super duper frustrated at the beginning of the day but by the end of the day my sweet daughter had given me enough hugs, kisses and snuggles to soften me up. She is such a sweet spunky fun gal. I love my little peanut.

We went to Stone Mountain Park over the weekend and I was able to try out some new photography techniques that I wanted to try out on my camera. She is a pretty good model.

Now on to me! The second item I have completed for Me Made March aka MMM (yes I finished it yesterday), I finally cut some of my Liberty of London fabric.

I was so nervous cutting this fabric. It is gorgeous and was crazy expensive. But I made a decision and went with it. I have been in love with navy blues lately so I paired the Liberty Glenjade (one of their classic prints) with some lovely Alexander Henry blue floral for the bodice. And a buttons from my Nana's button box as a finishing touch. It is all cotton lawn so it drapes nicely and gives that great hippie vibe while still being modern enough to not look like a costume. You guys know my pet peeve is going so much into one era that you look like you have on a costume. There will not be bell bottoms worn with this top!

When I tried it on last night I did not have on the proper undergarments and was horrified that I had spent all this time and effort on something that was not wearable. But this morning I tried it on with the proper under things and it looks just as I had imagined it would. And I am wearing it with my "fancy" silver Birkenstocks, which were not available in 70s to my knowledge and are therefor a nod to the era with a modern twist.

The pattern is McCalls M5808 and is no longer in print. But you can buy it on their website. I am planning to write a review of the pattern on Pattern Review so look there if you are interested in more details about the pattern.

Since I spent all day yesterday doing all my house work in an effort to convince my daughter that staying home is not as fun as it sounds, it is for once all done!  So today is going to be on an at home sewing retreat! I am so excited. I am really hoping to make some progress.

Here are my goals for today.
1. Complete at least one shirt (need something to wear tomorrow for MMM).
2. Complete the 2 remaining aprons I have obligated myself to making for my daughter's school auction.
3. Cut out some more clothes to be sewn later this week.

Now I better get off of here and see what I can get to.

Peace Out - C

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