Thursday, August 25, 2011

It is always something.....

So yesterday started out a little like this...

I had my big cup of coffee and that handle is on my plexiglass napkin template (Hubby got it cut for me over at the Emory machine shop). I was ready to work the one-woman handmade sweatshop. And I did for most of the day. I had a few coffee breaks and lunch but other than that I was working. So much so that my serger kept getting hot forcing me to take a break now and again. I managed to make 36 sets of napkins, that is 144 individual napkins before my serger started to get tired.

Now they just need to be trimmed (threads at the corners), folded and tagged.
Which is pretty good since it had done over 100 snack bags a couple of weeks ago. And it has been doing well over all. Now it is skipping stitches. So I think that all that work has managed to make the timing belt loose. Well I am hoping that is all that it is.

I did everything I know how to do to try and adjust the machine and keep it going. I re-threaded, I adjusted to presser foot tension, I turned it off and let it cool down. Beyond that I think it needs to go to the shop.

I have had older machines that I was better able to fix. But new machines are hard to get into and are just not user fixing friendly. So I will take it over the the sweet but OLD people who still fix sewing machines. I hope they are teaching someone younger how to do it b/c what will we do when they are gone?

Today is tote bag and and fortunately I do them without the serger. I also need to do headbands but will have to figure out a way to do them without the serger. I am trying to get some new merchandise over to Homegrown before the 8/31 deadline. They are working on stocking up so that they will be all prepared for the Decatur Book Festival. I am sadly going to miss the festival this year! A big bummer. But I will be doing family stuff and that will be fun too.

Off to the one woman sweat shop!

Peace out!

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