Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Picture Day Dress

Ahhh there is nothing like a deadline to get me to make my child a dress. Ok maybe picture day is more so an excuse to make a dress with a built in deadline but still. It makes me get my rear in gear. On Wednesday evening I cut out her new dress. The dress was inspired by a dress from the August 2009 Burda Style Magazine as well as McCalls M5695. 

While looking for the cover art for this pattern I discovered it is out of print. I have made dresses for M before using this pattern and she has grown a ton since I cut out the 3. So I had to make the pattern bigger.

There is also something weird that goes on in this pattern at the armpit seams so I ended up putting in little armpit gussets because she could not even get her arms into the dress.

I used view D. But instead of pleating the body of the dress I simply gathered it. This is how the Burda dress that I do not have a picture of was made. Also the Burda dress had contrasting fabric covered buttons all across the bodice as a decorative element. So I say I was inspired by both because I used elements from both to make what I wanted.

And really isn't that the point of bothering to make your own clothes so you get what you want?

Speaking of wanting things out of fabric, I think M might become a sewer or crafter one day herself. She love playing with my fabric. I had my new stuff out this morning to get started on and she was shopping through it and telling me how much she loves it all. And was carrying around her favorite fabric until I made her get her shoes on for school.

On another note HALLOWEEN is FAST approaching. Are you ready? We all got to do a test run of our costumes last weekend at the Octo-Boo festival at the school. It was super fun and all our costumes where a big hit. I am excited to get to wear them 2 more times! Well M has been wearing hers every day so hers needs to be washed really.  Here she is wearing some of the parts of my costume.

Don't forget the big party in Decatur Square on Sunday!! If you see a lady in a big pink wig with a girl in a monkey suit and a scarey but suave vampire, come say hi to us!

Peace Out - Chrissy


  1. I tried to be a follower of your blog but I don't think that gadget is working. Nice blog!

  2. Hi Sherril - Thanks for letting me know I will see if I can get that fixed. Glad you like it!