Thursday, October 20, 2011

Made myself a new peasant dress

So, I am still a little obsessed with the peasant style garment. They are so simple and fun and flattering. I made myself another one.

I bought this fabric a few months ago with no particular project in mind. I do that a lot. I find a fabric I love and let it sit in my closet until it speaks to me and tells me what it wants to become.

This fabric decided it wanted to be a simple dress. I think it worked well to showcase the artistry of the fabric.

And it does do just that, however I thought the shape was a we bit too not curvy so I tried some belts and ta da! Belts are so magical transforming a figure-less blob in to a great dress.

I started making this dress about a month ago, right around when I started weight watchers and since I have lost almost 10 pounds I had to take the sides of the dress in a crazy amount. If I had not done that it would have looked like a mu-mu.

I am planning to wear it with knee high boots or purple suede wedges not sure yet. But I get to wear it tonight to the faculty reception at Emory.  Yes I work better with a deadline. And I am glad I got to this dress while it is still wearable another 10 pounds and it just will not fit at all.

Hope you are having a great week! My new post (ok probably next few posts) will be about Halloween!!!!

Peace Out - C

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