Sunday, November 6, 2011

Been busy working all week.

It seams like Halloween was weeks ago already. I spent most of this week working on getting new products ready to take over to HomeGrown and listed on my Etsy site. On Friday I was one of the featured artists at HomeGrown for the art walk as a part of the Decatur Wine Festival. Basically I hung out at the shop and had snacks and talked to my fellow artists and met some fun customers.

I managed to get some more of my big lunch bags ready and my display at HG was looking pretty spiffy. Forgive the slightly grainy and out of focus phone picture.

I also got these cool little pouches over there. They come in various sizes and range from $6.00 - $18.00 dollars. These are some of the items I came up with to add to the shop for the holidays.

I am doing 2 more craft shows this year as well as having my Etsy sight pretty well stocked right now. I have 40 items listed which I think is the most I have ever managed to get up there. I made 60 napkins yesterday and hope to make at least that many tomorrow.

Here are some better pics of the lunch bags. They actually could also be a make-up / toiletries bag rather than a lunch bag if you wanted.

On a few of the bags I tried to be a little extra creative and added some applique. The flower on this one is felt and silk.

For the fist time ever let me down a little. I ordered more strap material and it took over a WEEK! for my order to get here. I was a little desperate to get some bags finished so I scoured the house and found two old belts and was able to use those to make handles. 

Over all it was a long week and had some challenges. But now it Sunday and I have had a nice morning of puttering. Guess I better go get dressed.

Have a great week! Hope I am back to talk to you before the week is out. Peace Out!

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