Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Project for myself!

I have been away for far too long! I know. I can report that the last craft show went well! And all the merchandise I have left is over at Home Grown Decatur while it lasts! I will be working over there on Friday 10 -2 and Saturday 5-9 so if you are out and about in Decatur GA stop on by and say hey! Might find yourself some cute holiday gifts!

I am pretty excited that in the midst of all the holiday and life in general caos I made a project for myself! Cape!

Capes are super in style, but it is funny every time I told someone I was making myself a cape they apparently envisioned a more super hero style cape than a coat style cape. So yes I did make the later but it sort of makes me feel like I am a super hero!

The pattern is from the 8/2011 issue of Burda Style  magazine.

The outer fabric is some sort of tweed blend that I actually bought for a different project that I have not gotten around to... yet.

This little jem was so cute I had to make it. The pattern did not call for lining, I decided that it needed some. I lined in in some cozy white fleece.

Made the cape from the pattern shown on the left page here.
I know my finished piece is very like the original, which I have been doing more often lately. But hey I liked it because I knew it worked. However since I am larger than this gal in the picture I chose a smaller print so that I would not look like a line backer in this thing!

I also changed the closure. I decided that big sew in snaps would be functional and cute. The thing that makes them extra functional is that you can just snap the top couple and let the cape fly a little (super hero-ish) or if it is cold you can snap it all up and be snugly warm.

I do like the snaps but a word of caution if you are going to use them.... I did not think about the fact that each piece has to be sewn on SIX times. So basically there are 5 snaps each with 2 pieces so that's 10 x 6 = might as well have sewn on 60 buttons!

I often say if sewing were easy everyone would do it. And well it was actually pretty easy just time consuming. In the end it was worth the effort.

Alright off (in my non-super hero cape) to do some more shopping and such! Hope you are having a great day! And a great holiday season.

Catch you peeps later!


  1. This is so cute! I love the navy and white (or is it black and white?)and what a great idea (so cozy) to use fleece for the lining!

  2. I loved that cape in the magazine and vowed I would make it next winter (in Australia). I've been saying that about capes for the last few seasons though.. and still no cape in my wardrobe. Too many projects in the! queue

    Yours looks super cute and not at all like a super hero's.


  3. Hi Sewing Elle - Thanks for the comment. I hope you get to make yourself one some day. It will just speak to you eventually. And thanks I know it does not really look super hero-y maybe that's just how I feel ;) Hope you are enjoying your summer, we are about to head into full on winter here! Hugs - C

  4. Thanks for your tips. I am making this at the moment and am lining it too. The collar is a bit odd to work out but your garment has given me a few more clues about how it goes. Thanks very much.

    1. Yeah it was a tough one in some respects. I just sort of made it up as I went along and it turned out. I think the white on the inside helps you see the shape better. Good luck with it! Hope it turns out great.