Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fabric for my Party Dress Class

Apparently I have been busy lately. And also tired! Living in NY is a little bit exhausting. But I think we are starting to get used to walking everywhere and carrying bags with us. Things really are much different when you do not have a car.

Last night was my first session of the Party Dress Class over at The Sewing Studio. It was fun! But in NY everything is tiny and compact. So it was a little tight to be cutting out a big party dress in a small space.

Last week I went shopping for my fabric for the class and I ended up buying my fabric at mood.
I know it is a little bit crazy. But that is why I love it. The one problem I had cutting it out is that it is big panels between the stripe on the right. And I could not make the stripe work in the way I wanted to so I ran out of fabric. I am going to have to get back up to Mood to buy one more panel. Which is sort of a bummer but not the end of the world.

All the people in the class thought I was very brave to be using this fabric. The instructor, Sara, did say that since it is NY people most often make black dresses. I have to say I am pretty disappointed in how boring New Yorkers dress. It is like they all wear a uniform and basically wear the same thing. Often on the subway my red coat and M's pink coat are the only spots of color on the whole train.  

We are still enjoying exploring NY. Yesterday M and I went to Chelsea Market and wandered around. We bought books, bread and fancy cheese. She also enjoyed a cup of very yummy berry sorbet. She also tried out a yoga class that she did on her own. She really enjoyed being with other kids. I think she is starting to miss her friends, I know I am.

This Saturday I am taking another class it is a sewing with knits workshop over at Make. I am very excited that Make is in my neighborhood and will not be too much of a trek, I can even stop at Whole Foods on the way home. Should be a fun class. And I already have a request from my cousin who lives in Brooklyn to make hi this t-shirt.

Hope you are having a nice Thursday so far! My feet are killing me so we will be lazy today I think. Hmmmm maybe we should go out for bagels.

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