Monday, January 23, 2012

I made a T-Shirt at MAKE!

Saturday was AWESOME, I made a t-shirt at MAKE, with Diane Rupp. She is a sewing celebrity people! She is the owner of MAKE here in NYC.  And the author of 2 super cool books, both are available on Amazon Sew Everything Workshop and Embroider Everything Workshop.

Her place so cozy and nice. The class I took Saturday was a 2.5 hour sewing with knits workshop. Knit fabrics have been a challenge for me in the past but the way she had the workshop set up made it fun and easy. If you are in NYC you should try and take one of her fun and helpful workshops.

We made boat neck, long sleeve tees. I am wearing mine in this pic of me and Diane.

As a part of the class you get the supplies to make the shirt as well as a pattern to take home and make more with. I plan to make a tunic and a dress with mine. You know I love me some easy and cute projects.

I will need to re-draft the shoulder as usual. I have crazy tiny shoulders in comparison to the rest of me ;) But I was very happy that the sleeve fits nicely, I have trouble with sleeves being too tight some times.

M dancing in the snow!
In other NYC news, it snowed Friday night so we enjoyed waking up to a fresh white blanket of snow over the city. After breakfast we bundled up and headed out to enjoy some playing in the snow.

I have not finished cutting out my party dress or gotten more fabric both of which I better do soon.

Hope you are having a great day!

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