Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yesterday I worked in the silk screen studio but managed to forget to take any pictures so I will have to show you my latest silk screen project another today.

Today my daughter is being a goober and is pouting in her room. So I decided to get started on my new sewing project. I am a making Vogue 8728 with the black fabric that I printed the big flowers on to.

Here is the pattern - it is a vintage re-print from the 1940's, which is my current favorite clothing era.
Many other sewers have made this pattern and talked about it:
- Whoopie Cookie
- No time to sew, did a great red version
- kebenco's projects, did a more practical version
- Erika Made It - shows a lovely solid coral version
And over at A Dress a Day she have made several versions.
I could go on and on so many people have made it. But it is really pretty and very flattering on all these ladies as well as many others. Seems well worth giving it a shot.

 This is how I imaging myself looking in this dress
I love the hair, the hat, the bracelets, the lipstick....basically the whole thing is awesome and whoever styled this photo is brilliant. It is probably why this pattern is so stinkin popular.

Ok I know I do not actually look like this woman, she is thin and blond and has long hair. But hey I can dream can't I?

I have completed a few small steps today. I took the pattern out of the envelope. Then I cut the pattern pieces apart and ironed them.

I never cut on the pattern size lines until it is pinned to fabric. Just makes it easier to cut and it makes me put thought into it. I am actually considering not actually cutting on the size lines but thinking about tracing the pattern. Crazy talk, I know! I am always a cutter. But I over paid for this pattern b/c I really wanted it and I am afraid to cut it. Which is funny b/c when it comes to sewing I am hardly ever afraid.

I am planning to make a muslin.  I wish I had time to shop for fabric and make a gingham muslin. Then it would be wearable. Colette Patterns blog is where I saw the tip about a gingham muslin and I really think it is pretty smart. It is a cheaper fabric typically but it can sew up nicely and if you use it for a pattern you have lines to follow in the check pattern.

My next step is to figure out what size to cut. In the waist I need a pattern 22 but in the top I need like a 16, crazy difference I know. So I am going to have to do some math and such. Also I am going to have to take the shoulders way in even on a 16 as usual.

You would think I would give up on commercial patterns and just start drafting my own. Well we all need goals, I will get my rear in gear on that eventually.

Have you made the 8728? Got any tips or suggestions?

Have a great day! Peace out - C


  1. Have you made the dress yet? I made this pattern... I'm from Whoopiecooie. I made the dress for my friend's wedding. I love it! The pattern was simple enough as well. Good Luck and thanks for checking out our blog!

    1. I am still in the process of finishing it. Mostly b/c I have been avoiding it. I don't have my dress form here with me and it is making it more difficult. I have had to make the top way smaller which is causing some drama. Will get it done soon I hope. Thanks