Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Prints! And More fun in NYC.

We have been busy for the past few days. Our neighbors from home came to visit us up here in NYC. They got here Sunday and we have had a fun girls week so far! We have been to Central Park, Moma, and The American Museum of Natural History. We are all resting up for going out for pizza tonight.

Ok back to selfishly telling you more about me. I thought I would show you some prints on paper from my Big Flowers project. 

This one is my favorite. Something about the way that the colors work together is just so nice.

These are ok but my printing quality is a little cruddy here.

The pink flowers turned out pretty good on paper. But it is just newsprint so not sure what I will do with it. Newsprint yellows pretty quickly.

My latest project is a little more crafty, but was a great project for practicing registration.

 This is printed on muslin. My plan is to frame this in an embroidery hoop. Should be pretty cute in my new sewing room. Well once I get home and manage to ever get my sewing room done.

Each of those different colors is a different film that had to be burned onto the silk screen. This print took four different color plates.

This is just that black plate on brown paper. This is essentially scrap paper. But I think it will make cute wrapping paper or a big card, or something.

I thought this would be a fun print for tote bags. I bought these cheap little bags. This material was tough to print on. It is hard to find the balance between getting the ink thin enough to flow but not too thin as to bleed under the trapping lines on the screen. 

This last bag turned out pretty cruddy. But I will probably still use it myself.

Alright back to resting so I can be a NYC tour guide some more this evening. Hope you are having a fun day where ever you are!

Peace out - C

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