Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Dresses and off timing as usual.

As you may have read one of my first sewing projects while in New York was a party dress. Well it has been crazy weather and I had not had a chance to wear the dress. Then I went to wear it the other day and realized it was way too big. However it was chilly and I had to wear tights and a jacket with it any way so that covered up the too big areas. I actually had a cardigan on as well in the early morning and was still a little cold.

Easter morning I was not in the mood and put on jeans and a sweater. But Marion got all dressed in her dress and told me that I looked way too boring and had to put my dress on too.

I am glad she talked me into it. But we did not get any good pictures. I really need to hire myself a better photographer.  However here are some funny pictures showing you how much too big my dress is now.

 Believe it or not when I made this dress I took the shoulders in about an inch and a half. And the shoulders where in the right place until I lost weight.

This next picture illustrates that between when I started on this dress and last weekend I lost a couple of bra sizes. The bras I brought with me from GA were 36DD and when I went to buy new bras the other day the measured me as a 38C. Weird !? Now if I could loose some weight in my thighs like that!

The waist of the dress is also a little big, so I threw on a jaunty belt. Trust me I am not complaining about walking of some weight while living in NYC. It just sort of amuses me. I go up and down in size a lot. I wish I could be one of those people that stays the same size forever but apparently that is not my fate. Any way....
In my usual fashion I some how managed to be in charge of the Easter Egg hunt for the neighborhood.

It was fun but short lived. Once the kids were released and the eggs were found we had snacks and were done. I have to say it was a bit sad for me because I did not know a single person there besides my husband and my kid. Back in GA I would have known everyone. And it made me more homesick than ever. I like and am enjoying being in NYC but it is hard b/c it is temporary. I can't really settle in. I will be happy to head back to GA in July.

And yes I would never in a million years have thought I would be saying that at this point. I admit there is more for me in GA than I realized. I just needed a break I guess. It really is the people that make a place home. And I need to some how hang on to that when I feel like my brain is melting out my ears in August. Y'all got to admit it is hotter than hell in August in Atlanta. But I will be in the good AC and need to just embrace it.

I have gotten some more work done on my next project. But I have to say adjusting to this new smaller size is a little weird and taking some work. More about that next time.

Peace Out - C

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