Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vogue V8728 Progress, major alterations, but progress . . . .

When I make anything from a pattern I always have to make some pretty major alterations. I usually start with the correct waist size and then take in the sides above the waist and the shoulders and now the chest (never had this issue before). Since I recently lost weight I am working on changes I have not made before.

So I made a muslin. I hate making muslins, but they are worth it. I ended up making 2 muslins. The first one I just made the usual changes that I make and it was still crazy way too big. Then I decided to actually measure and make changes that way.

 If you go by the pattern measurements I "should wear the largest size. Which you can see is a lot larger than the size I came up with. The blue tissue paper is the neckline that I think will actually fit me and stay on my shoulders.

I have tiny shoulders. My shoulders and my feet are the only things I have that are tiny so have to work around the issues they create with their tininess.

Hopefully you can see the pencil lines where I changed the pattern. I had to bring the top edge of the bodice in to meet the new neck line (see above). And the armpits / upper side seams where crazy too big so I had to move those in as well.

Here is what the front of the 2nd bodice muslin looks like. It looks pretty good, maybe still need to take a little bulk out of the armpits.

And the side seems are a little bit to big as well, probably take a little out there too.

After I decided it was good enough to get started on my dress I took the muslin apart to work on the new pattern pieces. you can see the pink sharpie is where I made even more changes.

Last week I did some fabric shopping. And I must have been in a rather conservative mood. Everything I was drawn to was black and white. The gingham you see here is a double knit. So I am thinking if I perfect my V8728 pattern I may make another one!

Not sure yet what the black knit will be for,  but I did recently learn to make t-shirts and underwear! And I know that pink is going to be the lining for some navy lace!! I bought this batch of fabric at one of my favorite New York fabric stores, Chic Fabrics. It is on West 39th Street in my favorite stretch of shopping in NYC. There are lots of less expensive fabric stores and tons of trimming stores in the area. I still enjoy Mood. But when I don't know what I am really looking for and just want to browse, West 39th (between 7th and 8th aves) is a better place for wandering and thinking and not spending too much money.

Looks like we will be having a lazy Sunday. Might get around to some kite flying but for now there is some serious TV watching going on.

Hope you are having a pleasant Sunday too.

Peace Out - Chrissy

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