Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mama, Can we make monster pillows? Please!

Meet Lucy. Apparently she is a nice monster who is nice to all her friends and everyone even though she is a monster.

A couple of weeks ago we were at the library browsing the craft books, you know like everyone does. And in the Todd Oldham kids crafts book (I think that's where we saw them) we found some monster pillows. The book was huge and heavy so I did not check it out. Because walking a mile home with that did not sound fun to me. But we made our own version based on our fond memories.

So that little M could truly participate in the making of the pillow I had her draw all the components of the monster. Eyes, nose, mouth, horns and tail.

She drew them with marker directly on the felt. Then we cut them out together and I sewed them on with my trusty travel sewing machine. I was careful to keep them where she placed them so Lucy would look how M wants her to and not how I think she should.

Here is what Lucy looked like once we got her eyes, nose and mouth sewn onto her front fabric.
Next we cut out two pieces for each horn, sewed them together and stuffed them. Make sure you leave an opening in the horns for stuffing. A chop stick makes a good stuffer. Thank goodness we order so much sushi! We had plenty of stuffers on hand.

Next we sewed the tail onto the back. M said she wanted a flat tail like a platypus tail. I now realize I could have left it sticking out rather than sewing it down but hey it works.

 Then we sewed the front and back pieces together on the sides and bottom. We left the top open so we could stuff her and add her horns. I was super lazy I just did a zig zag stitch and left the side seams on the outside.

 Now you stuff with fluff to desired fluffiness. Had this been my project I would have added more fluff. But I am learning to let M's projects be her projects and let her control fluffiness.

Once she was filled I pinned her horns where we wanted them and sewed her shut.

It was a fun project and a nice way for M and I to sew together. We love making crafts of all kinds but I need to more open to sewing with her. She will be 5 soon and is getting better with scissors so the older she gets the easier it will be. However it will also be my luck that the older she gets the less she will want to sew with me. Only time will tell on that.

Hope you are having a great weekend so far!

Peace Out - C


  1. I think M will be sewing with you for a very long time. You and M are making magic memories. I love her original monster pillow and how you nurture her creativity. We need more moms like you Chrissy.

    1. Thanks Mary! I hope she likes to sew with me. You are sweet!