Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo Silk Screen

I had absolutely no desire to do a photo silk screen. But it was one of the class assignments and my professor very strongly encouraged me to do one. I am not in love with how it turned out but it is all about the process right now and not about the finished product. Or so I keep telling myself.

Here is the picture I decided to use:
I do love this picture, she looks like such a sweet little sprite. And I thought I would add color to the scarf and the grass and try my hand at spot color.

Which I did ....
Each color is a separate film and a separate screen that needs to be inked. It is a crazy ton of work. But I am getting better, more methodical, more of a relaxing process than it was at first.

The next screen is the the photo itself. And at Parson's you take your file on a jump drive to a little office where you have to write them a check and they say your film will be ready in 24 hours. It was a bit of an annoying process but it worked and I got my film in time for class last week. I spent some time Saturday as well as Tuesday working on these prints. And now that it is almost time for my class tonight I am getting around to thinking about them again.

They are ok. I do not LOVE them, but I did learn a lot and now I know what I need to do next. So now to give the kid a bath before I head out the door. And Thanks! to the 2 babysitters that are making this possible for me tonight!

Peace Out - C


  1. I really love them! The picture you chose is adorable and the spot color is nifty. Awesome.