Thursday, February 14, 2013

Meet Stripe-y

My sweet daughter M likes to think she can sew. We occasionally do sewing projects together and therefore in her mind she "knows how to sew". Well it is delusional but sweet none the less. And I should cut her a little slack she is 5.5.
A few weeks ago she had some money burning a serious hole in her pocket.  So we went to one of our favorite places to go to solve that problem, Little Shop of Stories. It is the best book store in the world. But on this particular day M found a "Sock Puppy making kit" that she felt compelled to purchase rather than a book. I tried in vein to convince her I could help her make a sock puppy without the kit.

I have to admit she worked rather diligently on creating her new pal. Normally she is a project starter and not a finisher. But this one she pushed through (with some help form me). I threaded the needle and did some of the cutting but all in all she did the large majority of the stitching. If you look at it closely you will see why I do not want credit for it. She needs to practice, yo! 
She named him Stripe-y in her ever so creative way. She loves him which is what is important.
I often call M the girl who loves love! She falls in and out of love so very easily. It is fun to watch her do this with stuffed animals and other kindergarteners. But it will not be so much fun to watch as she gets older, sigh.....

I am going to enjoy the love for now. On that note, I will say Happy Valentine's day y'all!! And have a piece (or two) of candy for me! I am very much looking forward to our family sushi date tonight. 

Peace Out - 

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