Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Wardrobe for the Divine Miss M!

Last night one of my best gals (Lore) posted this on FB and said it made her think of me. My hubby said, "that  does not make me think of you, that IS you!"


We are in the last throws of what we call winter here in GA. It has not been terribly cold but I have worn my cashmere over coat on many occasions. Getting to wear it at all pretty much always makes me happy. That said we are all about ready for Spring. Most particularly Miss M is ready for Spring clothes. While I LOVE a good sweater and boots, she LOVES tiny skirts and scant tank tops. And well if I l were a tiny care free child I would too. But I can't fit a pair of Spanks under a tiny skirt so I will be wearing large skirts this Spring.

We busted out big stacks of fabric the other day to make plans for Miss M's Spring line. I sort of love that I get to design and make all these clothes for my little peanut. I gotta do it while she will still let me. The first item in the Spring line has already be made and worn. We had one piece left over from another dress and she looked at it and said "skirt, definitely a skirt as long as you can make it!"

You would think that a girl who gets to say "make me a really long skirt!" and then some one (me) makes it and she gets to wear it would be happy? Why is she so forlorn in this picture? I don't know the kid is 5. But she was happy to wear her skirt. Why she wore it with a tye-dyed poncho, well that we may never know. 

I told her to smile and got a slightly better picture but really only slightly and not really worth showing you. But I will show you all the fabric we picked out for Miss M's 2013 Spring line.

This is fabric hubby bought a few years ago in Japan. It is going to be a skirt! 

M picked out this fabric at a sale it In Town Quilters last fall and it is going to be a t-shirt dress. 

A lovely pirate map print from Michael Miller will become a button up shirt and a short skirt. 

These lovely horses shall become a shirt that I get to design and some shorts. 

There are still a few unchosen items and perhaps some surprises. But I love making M's Spring clothes, so much fun! 

Hope you are looking forward to the mood of Spring if not the heat. 

Peace Out - C

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