Friday, March 1, 2013

M's Spring Line, Item 2

Here is the 2nd item I have finished for M's Spring line.

Now that is the look of someone happy to have on new clothes that their mother made them. Did I mention that the skirt is the new item, because she has on a lot of clothes. It is COLD so she had to layer. But this is not the final look. She added more...

She added a faux fur trimmed sweater and a fleece hat. Essential items if you ask me. Notice she has on sparkly shoes with socks which really adds a little something and pulls the whole ensemble together. She is working hard to be able to wear Spring stuff even though we are not quite there yet weather wise.

Sadly, there was a tragedy involving this skirt. She was playing with friends on the playground after school and slid "down this thing" and got mud all over the back of the skirt. Many of M's clothes have what I call "playground butt", however I am going to call this extreme playground butt. M's comment about the situation was "Mama, it is so dirty that you can't even see the elephants".  Yes, yes it was.

Seriously!?!?!?! Damn it!!!! How many years do I have left with this kid? Why is it if you are going to ruin your clothes you ruin them the first time you wear them. It is never the 100th time it is ALWAYS THE FIRST. So I have washed it once. Then I took it out and sprayed it again and will wash it again, anyone know the cure for playground butt?

Off to have a glass of wine and rest up before the onslaught known as tomorrow begins.

Peace Out  - C


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