Monday, March 11, 2013

M's Spring Line, Item 3

I was recently asked to teach a kid's sewing class on pillow case dresses. I couple of years ago when they were all the sewing rage I made one for M and for my neighbor. But when I am teaching a class I like to have a fresh sample and make sure I am using the best techniques. So I whipped up a sample, and therefor an impromptu addition to the Spring line.

Instead of one long strap I made two straps, one to go through the front casing and one through the back and they tie at the sides to make the shoulder straps. If you would like a pattern / tutorial let me know I will write one up.

These are the last pictures I took of M before the big haircut yesterday. Next post you will get to see another piece of the Spring line and her new Spring do.  Well that is when I get something else made.

Happy Monday!!
- C

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