Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Wardrobe updates for ME too!

My most recent posts have been about M and her new Spring line, well I decided that I would do a little  updating of my Spring wardrobe as well. If you are a long time reader you know that last year I took a t-shirt class at MAKE with Diana Rupp in NYC. Well the class shirt turned out well but was a proto-type as most class projects tend to be for me. I had to make several adjustments to make it a great t-shirt on me. And I abandoned my first attempt at a second t-shirt. As this 2nd post about t-shirts tells you I made several minor adjustments, but in making all those the boat neck turned into no neck at all and it looked terrible. So I set it aside. 

Last week when I was going through my stash thinking about Spring projects I found said abandoned T and decided it just needed a bit of a scoop in the neck. Now it looks like a real shirt, that I can actually wear. I plan to make a few more with different neck lines and decorative elements but it is nice to have a basic pattern that I know works for me. So we will call this Item 1 of Chrissy's Spring Line and see how many items I manage to get done for the whole family. 

You have to forgive my photographer, he is still learning. 

In my last post I mentioned that it was the last one with M's old hair-do. She and I decided we were tired of dealing with the tangles so I busted out the haircut scissors and gave her a little bob. It is curling up a little funny on the left but in real life it looks pretty darn cute! A new haircut is another nice way to spruce yourself up for Spring. 

So I am going to warn you that I may not get another post out this week, we will see. But this is the last week down at Whipstitch. I have a few classes to teach and a bunch of stuff to pack up and move. But then onward we go! The final hours are listed on the Whipstitch website if you are interested in coming by, I warn you there is not a lot left.

Alright peeps, go get off the computer and get something done, would ya!
Peace Out - C

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