Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Easter items for all!

It has become a holiday tradition to put the camera on a timer on top of the TV and set it to take a picture of ourselves in our matching holiday clothes that I have made for us. I need to remember not to sit so shlumpy, I bet that this outfit was much cuter in person than in this picture but eh....

We each got a new wardrobe item for Easter. I got a skirt, Eric got a shirt and M got a dress. Some were wildly successful, some where eh... 

Ok let's start with my skirt. Which really started out as a dress. The picture below was the inspiration. 

M and I LOVED the style of this dress but thought the color was boring. And I made the pattern and the dress and went to try it on again and somehow it was 3 inches too big!! What did I do? Where did I go wrong? Well I did not have time to figure all that out on Saturday. So I made a last minute decision to cut off the top and make it a skirt just so I could have something. I think the problem is that the above pictured dress (from JCP) is in a stretch fabric. My fabric was not a stretch and when I tried to take in the waist the boob area when all wrong. Well any way I think I relied too much on my dress form and not on me. And it just went wrong. I am going to save the pattern and try again in a knit and see what I can come up with. 

Eric's shirt was much more successful. The only apparent flaw in it is that one of the button holes is WAY too tight. Making it hard to button. Well that is an easily solved problem. I just need to open up that button hole a wee bit more and done! I think he was a rather good sport with the pink pocket and collar stand. And he looks quite handsome.
However the most successful look, as always was for Miss M. She looked divine as always. And more importantly she loved the dress. She also got to wear it to go see the Easter Bunny. It is so fun that she is old enough to be really into things like the Easter Bunny! However she did ask me several times if the Easter Bunny really is real? Yes, Yes he is! Was my answer and I am sticking to it. 

M is the one who chose the color scheme for our Easter duds this year. I think I steered her towards gingham. But she chose the colors. I was hesitant but I think I made it work.

All of March I kept saying April will be better and easier. I am not sure that it will be better or easier, but it is going to be different. I am hoping to be able to get more stuff sewn for Stems and for us! M's Spring line is not finished and craft show season is upon us so I really need to shake a tail feather! I am going to paste a smile on my face and fake it til I make it.

Hope you had a nice weekend and that your feeling a little spring in your step. Happy April!

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