Friday, April 5, 2013

In a small space being organized is key

My studio used to be our spare bedroom in our house. As I got more and more sewing supplies the spare room was lost and a studio gained. It is a wee bit of a pain when we have visitors but the everyday use of this room is so much better and productive than I would have every imagined.

I continue to squeeze more and more supplies into my little room. My latest acquisition is a serger thread rack. I hopped on Etsy and searched for a serger thread rack. And low and behold I found a local couple with an Etsy shop and they make thread racks. Crazy pants, right?

Their shop is called Butterboo's Crafts. And since they are close to me we met in a parking lot near by, which was way easy and very sweet of them. 

I took it home and hung it, and filled it up.

 Super cute, I know! And I was able to hang all this thread up on the wall and freed up a shelf for other things.

 All this serger thread is for my very own one woman sweat shop. Right now I am getting ready for GreenFest in Decatur Square on Saturday May 11. What am I making?

This is a pile of cut napkins.  GreenFest is a festival that focuses on "green" products and companies and such. Reusable stuff made a mile from the Square is about as green and local as it gets. Ok so I guess I should have grown the cotton and spun the fabric myself. But I do what I can.

This is a pile of snack bags, sandwich bags and some matching napkins. I still have to cut the linings, but these are next up to be sewn after the big pile of napkins. You know more green products for GreenFest.

Lots and Lots more sewing to be done. Also I do need to finish the rest of M's Spring / Summer line.

Alright back to the machines.

Peace Out - C 

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