Thursday, May 23, 2013

Art, on display now!

Hey Peeps!

So the super cool artist co-op where I work, HomeGrown, is hosting a mini show within the Decatur Arts Festival. The theme is Pop Art! The fun and fantastic owners (Lore & Beth) asked us to make new pop art pieces for the weekend. So for once I actually did manage to get something done, before it was due. And even more amazingly I love it.

First I must tell you my original vision was much different than how the final piece turned out. However that is pretty much how life goes so as I too often say; it is what it is.

 This is  close up of the piece. I am calling it "Pop Goes Decatur". It is a quilted wall hanging. I took all the pictures, then did a little Andy Warhol inspired editing, printed them on fabric (process is a secret), sewed them together and embroidered a few accents on the Georgia outlines and backed it in solid muslin. 

I bound the edges in black fabric, like a frame.  And now it is hanging over at HomeGrown Decatur for you to come and see. 

We are having a party tomorrow night (Friday May 24), cake, free beer and wine! And I will be there! Well and a bunch of other cool people who work in the shop will be there too. So come on by and say hi, I would love to see you. Oh and you know you could buy something or whatever. 

While I will be working in the shop a large chunk of the weekend, I am off Sunday. Next week I am hoping to actually... wait for it .... have time to sew some clothes for myself. Shocking I know. But I am taking a break from sewing for work and other people and selfishly sewing for myself. It is just time.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Do something selfish and induldgent for yourself.

- Chrissy 

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  1. Oooooh. You finally printed on some fabric!!!!! I'm so excited to see this. :) Can't wait to see what you do next.