Monday, May 20, 2013

New Spring Wardrobe Item

I am not sure how it has been a month! A whole month since my last post. What happened? Well I guess nothing that I thought you would find very interesting. So I am finally back to making M some more new spring (ok almost summer) items.

A few weeks ago I made the mistake of taking her to the fabric store with me. Well she fell IN LOVE with this fabric. She looked through the whole huge store and just kept coming back to this same fabric. So I decided it was meant to be and bought a couple of yards of it for her.

We took it home and decided what to make out of it, and then as usual I set it aside. But every day she would say "Mama have you started on that dress for me yet?"

Finally I started on it and made it. I used an old New Look kids pattern, 6850, that I inherited from somewhere. But it turned out pretty darn cute.

She said her slinky had to be in the picture. So he is.

And we made sure to test and make sure it was good for twirling. She wanted it to be long since she is in a long dress mode these days. The funny thing is I was thinking that the print is sort of old lady-ish but there is a fine line between little girl and old lady. Marion walks that fine line with many of her fabric choices. But with the addition of the hair flower she makes it a pretty and fun little girl fabric.

Happy Monday!!

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