Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Peeps are SUPER CUTE!

I know my last post said I was done sewing things for other people. Well, I realized I had a couple more things cut and in the works that I wanted to get done before I started on anything else. Which were two shirts that were cut for Miss M. You know since she "needs" more clothes.

Some girls like to do matching outfits with their mothers. My daughter occasionally like to match me. But she often prefers to match daddy.

 Here they are in their matching shirts ready to go off traveling about the world. I have to say they often wear matching clothes when they travel. And many people do comment but it is fun and they will not loose each other in airport. I have to say M is a fantastic traveling partner. I am looking forward to longer more interesting travels as she gets older. Oh and you know when we have some money and stuff.

 I am not sure I would have paired plaid capris with a green robot shirt. But as far as M's wardrobe goes I have loose rules.
My rules for M's attire:
1. Butt and "boobies" must be covered! (This will apply more as she gets older but good to start now)
2. Must be weather appropriate. (She is one of those that wants to wear swimwear in the winter and coats in the summer! )
3. NOTHING PERMANENT (tattoos and any piercing that contorts your skin like those weird ear plug things) 

And well, that's it. I am also pretty low key about things like hair color and temporary tattoos. See rule #3. Hair can be dyed or cut and will grow back or can be covered in a pinch. Also my hair has been many strange colors so no hippo-crate-ness here.

Ok so now I am going to start on my selfish projects for myself. Right after I run a bunch of errands and crap.

Have a happy long weekend!
Peace Out - C