Monday, June 3, 2013

New Shirt for Myself!

I have had a life long obsession with peasant tops and dresses. While I was living in NYC I met Katalin of Kate & Rose because she shares this love with me. She is a fellow maker and has a pattern out for her version of the peasant shirt, it is called the Roza blouse and dress. Her lovely pattern is available in her etsy shop at:

Roza Bouse and Dress pattern options
Downloaded patterns can be a little intimidating. If they are not done well they are a nightmare. However this pattern is done very well and I was able to tape it together smoothly and in no time at all I had my pattern ready to cut out.

There are a few choices to make when deciding how to use any pattern. This one can be a blouse or a dress. I knew I wanted to do the blouse. Then I had to choose the hemline, center front treatment and the sleeve. I went with the straight hemline, the front piece the length of the shirt and the short sleeve.

The whole point of making your own clothes is that you want to make them custom to your body and your style. I made the body of the blouse longer (don't forget to lengthen the center piece as well if you do this). I added 2 full inches, I like my shirts closer to tunic length.

It sewed up like a dream. The pieces fit together perfectly and the directions were easy to follow. Well where I followed them they were. The only problem I had was that the shoulders were HUGE on me when I was finished. So ... I should have known this would be an issue. It is an issue on any pattern I have ever used. I was just being lazy. But as it usually is, it was pretty easy to resolve.

I basically added a pleat at the shoulder. It was a full three inches too long here. The next time I make this pattern I will plan for this adjustment and do things a little different than I did on this one.

The fabric I used is double gauze, which is two thin layers of fabric that is tacked together. Which means that the small check and the large check are the two different sides of the same fabric.

See how nicely the edge of the neckline comes together and lays nice and flat. Not all patterns work this well. To see other versions of this pattern go to:

It is tough to take a picture of yourself. This is the only one I got that was even sort of in focus. So I fancied it up a little to distract from it being out of focus. But the shirt fits nicely and is super comfy. I have plans to make at least a couple more. They will be perfect for summer! Thanks


  1. I love your blouse! And you look so cute in it!

    I actually quite like the shoulder pleats, and the double gauze works so great.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks! I like the shoulder pleats too. I have another shirt planned where I will incorporate them in before I sew it. I know no one but me will know how I did it. But I will know! However it is a really easy fix which means it is a well done pattern.