Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Whale of a Shirt

Another holiday and Eric got another shirt. Fathers Day was two weeks ago and while I managed to make this shirt and give it to him on time I am just now managing to write about it. I bought this fabric a couple of months ago because it is just summery and adorable. It makes a great Hawaiian style shirt without being too over the top.

I also like that it is a family of whales swimming around, sort of added to the Father's Day aspect of it all. If you really look you will see that there is a Daddy size whale, a Mama size whale and a sweet little baby whale. A trio, just like us!

If you are a long time reader you know that I have made this shirt (good old Simplicity 5581) many times in many different fabrics, but I have to say so far this one is my favorite. Something about it is just sweet and fun.

The really funny thing is that I made it the week I had sworn off making things for other people. But I guess I just can not control my urge to make gifts for people. Plus he is hard to shop for and nothing store bought really felt right.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. As of tomorrow we have exactly one month left. School starts August 1! I know northerners think that is insane. And I do too but it is what it is.

Peace Out - C

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