Friday, June 21, 2013

Crafting and Selling is contageous

Many people say that your parents influence you in both good and bad ways. Well right now I am feeling like a good influence on my daughter. Well except of course that she has picked up "are you nuts?" and "well...crap" from me. Back to the good part, she has become an entrepreneur who is working on starting her own business with me as her business adviser.

Here are some samples of her work.

She has gotten VERY into making beaded jewelry.

I personally know nothing about beading so she has had to learn most of it by trial and error.

She took all the necklace photos but since we needed small hands for this shot I did take this one.

She has applied to sell her wares ay HomeGrown Decatur (where I sell my stuff). But she has to go through the entire application process. I did type what she said, but used her words. And she will have to get through the interview on her own.

Her target market is kids so all her items will be under $10.00. And I honestly think she does do a pretty nice job considering. But maybe I am bias. There is also a rumor of a kids art show in the Fall and she is excited about the possibility of being a vendor there.

She has a little "studio table" all set up in my studio and she sits there working for hours.

So, how are you filling all this summer time? Hope you love it, whatever it is.

Peace Out - C 


  1. Wow!! She's definitely got an eye for patterns and combos. That's definitely so cool that you can encourage her creativity. :) And it means more mother-daughter time too!!


    1. Thanks! I think it is pretty cool. It is fun to hang out and work together!