Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Lunch Bag for School!

If you live somewhere "normal" you are probably thinking "wow" she is on the ball and way ahead of things for school starting. And you would be right. Except we do not live some place "normal" and school starts on 8/1, yes that means August 1st. And between today and 8/1 we have an insane schedule and I don't think I can squeeze in lunch bag making any other time but today.

You may have seen the prototype I posted on FB, but just in-case you did not here it is.

Cute little insulated bag with a contrasting print on the sides.

Pretty sweet little bag, right? Well M saw it and said, "It's cute but.... it needs to be bigger, have a water bottle holder and a pocket. Then I would like it". Oh and she wanted it out of different fabric with different straps. Hence I knew to make a prototype.

So here is the version she requested. Yes that is the blue version of the same horse fabric on the sides. And yes that is some sort of pink animal print for the straps and the velcro close.

And here is the back with the big pocket that she wanted.

It was also her idea to put a teal snap on the inside closure. Good thing I just did white on the inside and did not give her a choice. Who knows what we would be looking at right now if I had give her options. 

Here is what it looks like on the inside fully opened. It is pretty big which will be nice when she tries to shove some giant container in there. We decided one of her tasks this year for school is to make her own lunch the night before. Should be interesting.

The lining is PUL, which is a plastic lined fabric. It can be whipped clean or thrown in the washing machine. I also used a layer of Mylar insulation.  I know there is no way in GA your lunch will stay cold until lunch time, but maybe this will help. Now if I can just convince her it is ok to throw out your trash instead of bringing it home... then maybe this lunch bag will not be as gross as last year's ended up being.

I did have some vague thoughts of selling these bags, but no! They take way too long to make. I would do them on a custom basis for friends, but they are not going to end up part of my line.

Just a head's up - this may be my last post for a bit. We have vay-cay and drama happening for the next couple of weeks. I am SO looking forward to school and a "normal" routine.

Peace Out Peeps - C

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