Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Studio Clean Out! And Sale at HomeGrown Decatur

This morning I decided I was going to give myself a "day off". Which of course is why I am writing this. Why is it when you finally give yourself permission to rest (partly b/c you feel like crap) you manage to rally and feel like doing some work.

Ok so my phone does not take as good a pictures as my real camera is the lesson here. But I want you to focus on the fact there is floor space to be seen here. And that there is also clean table space.

Things are put away so that the closet curtains can be closed and not look like the closet is barfing up the stuff in it.

It is amazing that when everything is put away where it goes it really does seem like I have a decent amount of work space.

We even managed to tame the mess that was taking over M's studio space.

Getting all my mess down to this pile of cut stuff that is ready to sew is pretty manageable.

Well ok there is this pile too but all in all pretty manageable. And having a neat organized space has improved my attitude and ability to focus. Last week I accomplished my main goals, which were to finish sewing snack bags and to get my Etsy shop back up and running. I actually accomplished these goals. The goals for this week I think will be smaller. Resting is high on the list. I have been having a battle with vertigo and the vertigo is winning today.

But I accomplished my goal for yesterday which was to get my sale items over to HomeGrown Decatur for the big studio sale this week.

Starting Thursday! There will be lots of cool stuff on sale. I know all the stuff I brought over I marked 60% off. There were lots of class samples and one of a kinds as well as fabric and scraps from me. Other artists are selling discontinued items, off season stuff and all sorts of interesting gems as well.

I will be working Thursday 10 - 2 and 5-9 so come by and see me!!

Peace Out - C  

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