Friday, August 23, 2013

Don't you hate when you screw up?!?!

I screw things up a lot. My sweet husband would say "why are you focusing on the bad you do lots of things right!" And in many ways he is right but when you do something right you check it off your to do list and move on. It does not haunt you and follow you and make you feel drab.

Ok so today's mess up was not that bad. When I got my Etsy store back up and running the other day, apparently I was a little over zealous in re-listing things and I listed some napkins that I do not in fact have. (well I didn't until a few minutes ago) How do I now know this b/c of course those are the napkins that someone bought from me.

I was all excited Wednesday night when this order came in. But did not have time to go look for the napkins and package them up until this morning. Which is when I discovered I do not have these in stock. So I had two choices.
1. I could tell the person who had bought them about my mistake and refund their money.
2. I could wash all 10 yards of this fabric and cut and sew napkins.

Me being me I could not just wash and cut enough to fill the order I had to wash and cut an entire bolt of fabric. Which I did. It only took me an hour and then guess what. I got to cross "ship etsy order" OFF of my to do list. Ok well it is an electronic list so it was a click but you get the drift.

Additionally today I have clicked off (really not as satisfying a way to say it)
- finalize details for M's new dance class
- read and respond to emails
Not so impressive when you see how many items have a big empty open check box sitting next to them. But at least next week when I go to cut and sew napkins I will have a bit of a head start.
And I did not have to disappoint a new customer. So all in all not a terrible day so far.

Off to click off more items as DONE!

Peace Out - C

p.s. I may even put "write blog post" on the list just so I can check it off. 

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