Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Hipter Clutches!

Some days I love my job. And finally today is one of those days. It started slow, sewing patches on Girl Scout Vests, answering email. But once I got down to my studio things went well. Then I had to hop in the car for a meeting. The meeting went well and I can say be on the look out for some cool new crafty events from me! 

I spent my morning studio time cutting out. Which never feels glamorous. But in reality is the most important part of the whole "sewing" process. It is when you make the decisions that will determine how your finished project will look. The cutting is what determines if your project will succeed or fail. It is cutting mistakes that can be impossible to come back from. Cutting is my strong point. I am brave, I am bold, I make snap decisions and I do not have a lot emotionally invested in my fabric. Especially if it is to be sold. I cannot fall in love with something and then sell it. It is like a farmer naming her hogs. Don't name them if you're gonna eat them (or sell them for someone else to eat).

But I digress.......

Today when i was sewing I fell in love. Breaking my own rule. 

I know she's beautiful right? Sparkle tweed and stretch lingerie lace. These are some of my last pieces of sparkle tweed. It is one of my favorite fabrics ever and I really hope to find some more. I thought I was in love with this gal until I starting making the next one.

She is sexy right? Lace, red lining but the tweed keeps it from going too sexy. It hits just the right note. And I am keeping this one because I am in love!

I hate to separate them because they do look pretty great together. But I am going to keep one and sell one. Maybe one day they will meet again.

The fold - over in the back will be off to HomeGrown Decatur soon, with many more creations I plan to make in the next few days. I will be sad to see her go but like a farmer I need to make money off the fruits of my labor. Sometimes it is hard.

Hope you have a safe and Happy, HALLOWEEN!! Tomorrow I will have a new costume to show you!

Peace Out - Chrissy

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