Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween was Fun!

So, I had been all like "I'm not in the mood for Halloween". But at the last minute I rallied and got dressed up and we had a great time. We have always had a tradition of Trick or Treating with our neighbors. But some neighbors have moved and the kids are getting older, and well some things have just changed. And I realized I was a little down and apprehensive because of all this. But kids are resilient and time marches on, so ... it was different but it was fun.

M wanted to be a bucket of candy. Thank goodness, finally and easy costume! I cut the bottom out of a bucket, sewed on some suspenders and made candy out of pillow stuffing and cellophane and used glitter hot glue to glue it on. Less than an hour! Done.

This is one of my sweet little neighbors dressed as a knight, carrying a Trick or Treat bag that I made and she now owns and loves.

So I dressed up as a mummy from the 80's. Basically it looks like my fabric scrap bin barfed on me. It was an OK costume except since it took me all of 6 minutes to put together I had issues like this all night. This is a picture of me putting my vail back in my hair for the 10th time. Probably because it was not really a vail but a piece of fabric held in with a hair clip. But hey at least I did not spend any money on my costume this year.

Eric pulled out an old favorite and was a dinosaur. Oldie but goodie, again it was nice not to spend time and money on a costume for him either. There are green pants that go with it. But once again it was WARM on Halloween night. We were all sweating.

To show you just how warm it is, yes those are Azaleas still blooming behind my Halloween decoration.

 And this is a rose in my front yard that is still hanging on.

So it was a smaller crowd, we had 4 kids and 8 grown-ups. And still we all had to grab hands, and pull kids back from running into the street. And apparently the neighborhood directly behind us is the hot new place to trick-or-treat, it was jam packed. So we hit about ten houses and called it a night. It was just enough M and the other little ones were pretty beat.

We did manage to get one cute family picture.

Hope you had a great Halloween!!

Peace Out - C

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