Monday, November 4, 2013

New Coat - McCalls M5743

Hey Peeps,

Ok so the weather is doing that weird thing where it goes back and forth with the temps. Warm one day freezing for a few minutes the next. So it was time to at least get the kiddo a coat made for the eventuality that the cold temps will stick for a while.

I bought this fun houndstooth on clearance in May for like $3.00 a yard or something crazy like that.

It is a pastel rainbow, black and white houndstooth. It feels like cotton, but I am sure it is some sort of blend at least.

As usual I went with my favorite girls jacket pattern McCall's M5743.

And as usual I had to make some changes. Most notably I added a lining and changed the closure to a zipper.

AI can tell you the tweed was a challenge to cut. As you can see in the picture above as soon as you cut it it starts to fall apart. It is a rather open weave. Which is weird because it is a winter fabric. Why is such a wintery fabric such an open weave?

To give the tweed some stability I used stay tape in all the tweed seams. To use the seam tape you simply sew it on as you are sewing the seam. If you are not serging over this seam as well, you should sew a second line of stitching into the seam allowance just above the seam to add stability.

I did serge my seams, but first I sewed the seams together with the stay tape on the side where there would be the most stress.

Then to further help prevent unraveling I serged the seam allowances together.

The fleece lining should take most of the stress off of the tweed seams. But it is a coat for a kid. And the stress that this coat will endure is different than the lack of stress my coat will get this winter.

Also I know I am crazy for making a child a white coat. But hey it is cute, and well ... ok maybe I am crazy. Such is life. To add a zipper you simply sandwich the zipper between the front and the lining of the coat. M picked the lime green zip. I was going to use black but she said "Mama black it too boring!"

This pattern is designed to be a single layer of fleece with some facings. So to make the lining I basically made two coats (without the facings) and sewed them together.

To finish the sleeves and bottom I added an edge of fleece. I hope this will keep her little fanny warm and be a little easier to clean than the rest of the white coat. Plus it make it look wintery and cozy.

It is a wee bit big. But I like coats a little big, leaves room for layers and room to grow.

I think she looks pretty fantastic in it.

Hope you have a great start to your week!

Peace Out - C

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